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JetRanger attacked by monster in Dragon Wars

Dragon Wars (aka: D-War, 2007) - this epic Korean fantasy movie features lots of rotary action but most of the scenes are CGI candy. Black Hawks drop SWAT troops at the sea cave hideout of a monstrous snake. There's a Los Angeles' TV-news copter (a Bell 206B JetRanger II) on the helipad of the downtown 'Liberty Tower', where the gigantic snake appears, grabs the helicopter in its jaws, and stops our heroes from escaping. When the airborne chopper's passengers jump back down to the rooftop, the monster hurls the JetRanger all the way to the ground where it explodes in the street.

CGI of Apache gunships in Dragon Wars

Next, a squadron of Apache gunships attack the snake, and shoot it down from its perch coiled around the building, but one helicopter is chewed up and then crashes, and another Apache gets hit by debris from a smashed billboard when several dragons arrive to engage the military helicopters in aerial combat.

snake strikes Apache in Dragon Wars
poster artwork for Dragon Wars

A third Apache is downed by dragon bites. A flying dragon latches onto a fourth gunship, causing it to veer off course and crash into the side of a building. Yet another helicopter is destroyed in a sudden midair collision with a dragon, and burning wreckage litters the streets, as the battle between helicopters and dragons continues...

Apache vs dragon

This film has lots of cheap visual effects work - but, as a comicbook styled adventure, partly influenced by Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars, it's quite good fun, overall. Remember that poster artwork for Reign Of Fire, showing Apaches fighting dragons? Well, this adventure features action scenes of what that movie failed to show!