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Twin Huey in The Domino Killings

The Domino Killings (aka: The Domino Principle, 1977) - in this political conspiracy thriller, Gene Hackman plays a Vietnam vet who is blackmailed into an assassination plot by a mysterious organisation.
Gene Hackman in The Domino Killings

Bell UH-1N in The Domino Killings
Twin Huey in The Domino Killings

The assassination is to be carried out by shooting from a helicopter. First, they take Hackman in a Bell UH-1N Twin Huey for a familiarisation flight, during which Hackman conducts target practice (he throws paint cans into the ocean and shoots at them with an M16), and they show him the target building with the outdoor swimming pool where the assassination is to be carried out.
helicopter in Domino Killings

rotary action in Domino Killings

The second run is for real, and Hackman shoots at the target person, but bodyguards return fire from the ground, wounding the pilot and damaging the helicopter.
Bell Twin Huey in Domino Killings

The smoking Huey makes an emergency landing, and after a hasty evacuation, one of the mystery men blows it up by throwing a briefcase bomb into the cabin. - HEGYI ISTVAN Domino Killings helicopter mission

damaged helicopter in The Domino Killings