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Eurocopter action in Die Hard 4
flying bad guys in Die Hard 4

Die Hard 4.0 (aka: Live Free Or Die Hard, 2007) - this action movie sequel features a lengthy sequence where airborne bad guys use a Eurocopter AS350-B2 ('Squirrel') to pursue and attack the hero's police car on the streets of Washington D.C. This chase only ends when the super-cop (Bruce Willis) launches his car straight at the low-flying helicopter, and the midair impact causes a very spectacular explosion.

air crash in Die Hard 4
FBI helicopter in Die Hard 4

police helicopters in Die Hard 4
SWAT action for Die Hard 4

FBI agents fly to the rescue in a couple of Aerospatiale AS350-B2 Ecureuil machines... While the police tactical assault teams deploy from Bell UH-1H machines (provided by South Coast Helicopters). In an early stunt scene, a low-flying helicopter is hit by water jetting up from a broken street hydrant, causing a gunman's fall to the ground.

behind-the-scenes on Die Hard 4
stunt work on Die Hard 4

mock helicopter in Die Hard 4

flying car crash in Die Hard 4
More stunt movie secrets from Die Hard 4 -

In these behind-the-scenes pictures, note overhead wires holding the full-size helicopter mock-up, and its lack of rotor blades or engine, before impact of that 'flying' police car...

The finished sequence is obviously a composite of different live-action and visual effects elements.