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Mil Mi-8 Hip in Die Another Day

Die Another Day (2002) - the opening mission sequence of this James Bond adventure movie, directed by Lee Tamahori, has 007 hijack a bad guy's Mil Mi-8 Hip to reach a North Korean military base. This transport helicopter is destroyed in a subsequent firefight with the villains. A later sequence, set in Cuba, features an MD-902 Explorer used by Bond's enemy to escape.
Explorer helicopter in Die Another Day

In the spectacular climactic scenes, a MD-600N NOTAR bird falls - on purpose - out of a damaged cargo plane during hero 007 and his female sidekick's escape from the villain's airborne HQ. The helicopter's pilot manages to start its engine (in freefall!) for a controlled descent, just in time to avoid crashing. Both of the MD choppers were provided by Eastern Atlantic Helicopters, and flown by Simon Oliphant Hope. helicopter inside cargo plane

NOTAR helicopter in Die Another Day