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Diamonds Are Forever (1971) - an early night scene in this James Bond movie features a Hughes (369) 500C landing in the desert to collect smugglers' loot, but the pilot is given a boxed bomb instead, so that when the helicopter flies away it promptly explodes in the distance.
Hughes 500 in Diamonds Are Forever

Bell 206 in Diamonds Are Forever
A squadron of three Boeing OH-6A Cayuse (Hughes 500C) gunships, and a pair of Bell UH-1 Iroquois transports, are led by CIA agent Felix, who enjoys his flight in a private Bell 206-B JetRanger, while the military helicopters launch a rescue mission against the villain's secret base inside an off-shore oil-rig in Baja California.

Cayuse gunships in Diamonds Are Forever
The US Marines gunship trio begin their assault with rocket attacks, but the villain's henchmen on the oil-rig platform return fire with anti-aircraft guns. The Hueys circle the platform and strafe the decks with machine-gun bursts.

Huey in Diamonds Are Forever
One of the Huey choppers is destroyed in a mid-air explosion of unconvincing special effects, and one of the Cayuse 'little bird' helicopters is also destroyed on-screen, with only fleeting spectacle, while the final countdown to disaster continues.