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the Bat in flying pursuit

The Dark Knight Rises - the Bat
The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - this final movie in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy (following adventures of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) features plenty of action with a unique stealth vehicle, designed for "tight geometry urban pacification," called 'the Bat' - a futuristic gunship with enclosed main rotors.

The Bat first appears at night, when it emerges from a dark alley to enable Batman's escape from Gotham cops. Batman also uses the Bat to rescue heroine Catwoman from a rooftop fight against the villain's henchmen. The Bat flies through a waterfall to enter the Bat-cave, where it parks, temporarily. Dark Knight Rises behind the scenes

This new bat-copter chases the bad guys through Gotham city. It flies between the buildings, hovers just above the road, and fires its weaponry at stolen cars. The Bat blasts a hole in a barricade of rubble to free the cops from collapsed tunnels under the city. Batman flies around in twisty circles to dodge heat-seeking missiles.
the Bat in Dark Knight Rises

down the street in Dark Knight Rises
close-up shot of the Bat in Dark Knight Rises

A full-size prop of this magnificent 'flying' machine was hung from wires above the street, like a cable car, or carried around while perched on a truck with a gimbal system, for filming on locations.

on the road in Dark Knight Rises
traffic stop in Dark Knight Rises

In the climactic scenes, Batman uses his copter to haul away a nuclear device, and flies it away over the sea, to a minimum safe distance from the island city, before the bomb finally explodes. the Bat behind the scenes