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Bell 206B in Darkman
gunmen's JetRanger

Darkman (1990) - in Sam Raimi's entertaining horror thriller, the disfigured scientist turned vengeful superhero (played by Liam Neeson under heavy bandages) is chased across city rooftops by a Bell 206B helicopter while the bad guys try to kill him, in the film's most exciting action sequence.

"In addition to the JetRanger used by chief villain Durant, a police Eurocopter AS-350D A-Star attempts to intervene, and is shot down by Durant using a grenade launcher." - BILL HIERS

The JetRanger previously appeared in the 1985 pilot episode of MacGyver, and it crashed on 7 September 2005 while taking aerial photographs in the wake of hurricane Katrina.
Darkman escapes

police AS-350D in Darkman
A-Star vs JetRanger