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Coronado (2003) - this comedy action movie concerns a woman from Beverly Hills, and a TV reporter, drawn into adventures in a fictional Central American country where rebels launch a revolution using lots of military rotorcraft (supposedly provided by US government aid).

However, most, if not all, of the helicopter footage is just CGI candy. Bell V-22 Ospreys fly through a waterfall, Boeing CH-47 Chinooks hover inside an open cavern, and three helicopters (including a Huey gunship) are destroyed in the explosion of a sabotaged cargo ship.

A climactic assault on the despotic ruler's presidential palace (where John Rhys-Davies mugs through amusing dialogue scenes), sees an Osprey use guns and rockets against enemy troops, while the heroine saves the hero from death by firing squad.

When the president flees his palace in a getaway Huey sabotaged by rebels, this chopper spirals out of control, smashing through a wall, and demolishing an official statue, before crashing to the ground.
Osprey exits cavern, Coronado

Bell V-22 in Coronado

tilt-wings hovering in Coronado

Osprey and Chinook in Coronado

Chinook landing in Coronado

cargo ship sabotaged in Coronado

Chinook lifts vehicle in Coronado

Chinook orbits cavern in Coronado

Chinook above ship in Coronado

Chinook flees explosion in Coronado