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The Contract (2006) - this drama by Bruce Beresford, about political corruption and assassination, features a Eurocopter (MBB) Bölkow Bo-105 police unit, helping search forest-land during the manhunt for an escaped felon.

The pilot is killed when bad guys hijack the chopper. Now airborne, one gunman shoots a hiker on the moraine bridge, a second hitman jumps down from the hovering Bölkow, to chase the hero (John Cusack) through the woods.

When the helicopter tries landing to pickup the villains' boss, our hero shoots the tail rotor. The chopper flies away trailing smoke, but its pilot loses all control, hits a couple of trees, breaking off the tail boom, and then we see a spectacular crash sequence with some excellent special effects.

Later, the second police helicopter (another Bo-105) spots gunfire and lands near the campsite cabin.
Bolkow police helicopter in The Contract

helicopter hijack in The Contract
Bolkow damaged by gunfire in The Contract

helicopter spirals into trees
tail boom is torn away

helicopter crashes to the ground
survivors escape from wreckage