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Continuum (2012) - this sci-fi TV action series features airborne police vehicles that resemble futuristic jet-copters in their urban operations for sequences set in the year 2077.
police flyer in Continuum

Season two's episode Split Second features a Eurocopter AS-355 TwinStar, used to attack the decoy van of a prison transfer. The police vehicle is trapped in a tunnel, and gunmen from the helicopter break the convict out of custody.
AS-355 helicopter in Continuum

TwinStar gunship in Continuum

future-copter taxi in Continuum
Episode three, Second Thoughts, has future scenes with a flying taxi-copter which evoke Blade Runner with rainy night scenes of the city skyline.

Episode eight, Second Listen, begins with a CGI effects showing a flight by one of the futuristic police copters into a sky-port. Other episodes use the future-copter as an establishing shot for 2077 in the story's timeline.
police copter in Continuum