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Cliffhanger (1993) - after many aerial scenes of a medevac rescue chopper (a German registered Bell 205) searching the snowy peaks for jet plane wreckage and some lost climbers, the climactic fight scene in Renny Harlin's action thriller occurs halfway down a sheer cliff wall. This punch-up between the muscular hero (Sylvester Stallone) and the chief villain (John Lithgow) takes place on the underside of an inverted chopper, hanging from the aircraft's winch cable that's hooked to a rusty metal ladder - partially torn away from the vertical rock face by the weight of the wreckage.

In the end, brawn and wit overcomes brains, and so a long fall and huge fiery explosion gets rid of the troublesome bad guy. This is a very silly stunt sequence, of course, even by the sensational standards of Hollywood helicopter action, but that's the reason I like it.
falling down in Cliffhanger

fight scene in Cliffhanger

"There's also an A-Star helicopter in Cliffhanger. Treasury department guys show up in it at the end of the movie." - BILL HIERS

federal A-star in Cliffhanger
attitude at altitude in Cliffhanger