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Spectrum helijet in Captain Scarlet
Magnacopter on miniature set in Captain Scarlet

Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons (1967-8) - Gerry Anderson's TV sci-fi with puppets, concerned an alien invasion of the Earth and the heroism of those in Spectrum organisation that fought against the Mysteron threats. The British SF show featured two futuristic rotorcraft: the Spectrum "heli-jet" (with its unique tail-rotor design) was used for patrol duties, while the larger "magnacopter" performed transport work. Both helicopters were excellent models were created by special effects wizard Derek Meddings.

Spectrum magnacopter from Captain Scarlet

Captain Scarlet (2005) - the re-launch of Gerry Anderson's sci-fi TV adventure series, about an elite military organisation defending planet Earth from the threats of alien Mysterons, has 21st century CGI visuals replacing the original show's puppets, and features a sleek hi-tech Hummingbird multi-task helicopter.

Season two (13 stories) features more CGI helicopters, with one Hummingbird failing to escape from a hijacked stealth warship in episode Proteus, while the opening sequence of episode Syrtis Major has three choppers used by Spectrum agents during their raid on a corporate HQ tower.

The Storm At The End Of The World has a Hummingbird flying to Alaskan mining town Ragnarok, where our heroes prevent an evil plot but the bad guys destroy the helicopter, before Scarlet and Blue can escape. Shape Shifter has a pair of Hummingbirds searching a lakeside for the missing hero.
Hummingbird copter in new Captain Scarlet