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AW-109 Power in Captain America - The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) - this sequel to Marvel's franchise reboot has a good mix of physical and CGI rotary action. The featured helicopter is an Agusta Westland AW-109 Power.

S.H.I.E.L.D. aerial patrols include an AW-109 circling over the Triskelion, an island HQ in Washington D.C.

When Captain America rides his motorbike out of the base's garage, our escaping hero is chased and stopped on the bridge by a copter-like quin-jet (of the type previously seen in Avengers Assemble), that hovers above him. The Captain leaps on top of the aircraft and disables all of its engines, including the VTOL turbines, so it crash-lands behind him.
Quin-Jet vs Captain America

When Captain America is arrested by SHIELD agents, there's a TV news helicopter (a Bell 407) that hovers above the street. Bell 407 in Captain America - The Winter Soldier

AW-109 rescue flight in The Winter Soldier

Back at the Triskelion, we see an AW-109 flying over the building. Another helicopter of this type arrives later with Nick Fury aboard, landing on the rooftop helipad.

During the final aerial battle, the last damaged heli-carrier crashes into the side of the Triskelion block, so escaping hero Sam (alias, Falcon) jumps from 40 storeys up, to be caught in midair by Nick Fury's rescue flight, but one of the AW-109 chopper's cabin doors falls off before the helicopter gets away from the collapsing building.
helicopter flies under collapsing building

heli-carrier crash in Captain America sequel

The movie features SHIELD heli-carriers used for air strikes, but the three flying aircraft-carriers are built with different engines to the heli-carrier seen in Avengers Assemble.