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Bulletproof (1988) - in this silly actioner directed by Steve Carver, Gary Busey plays a cop who is sent to Mexico to retrieve a super-secret hi-tech tank from a bunch of terrorists.

A white Sikorsky S-62 picks up the hero and transports him over the border to Mexico where he jumps out of the chopper to reach his area of operation.

Bulletproof helicopter transport

Sikorsky helicopter in Bulletproof

Sikorsky S-62 plays Hind gunship in Bulletproof
Later, when he successfully retrieves the tank, the Russians, who are also keen to get their hands on the weapon and collaborate with the terrorists, send a Hind gunship against the tank. A modified Sikorsky S-62 plays the role of the Russian Mil Mi-24 Hind.

This is possibly the same white helicopter that was used in the air insertion scene, earlier in the movie, but this time it is painted black and fitted with stub wings, and rocket pods, etc.

bogus Hind in Bulletproof

In the final confrontation the gunship meets its fiery end when it's despatched by a tank shell and the Hind explodes and crashes burning. - HEGYI ISTVAN
exploding helicopter in Bulletproof