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Braddock: Missing In Action III (1988) - in the early scenes of this sequel movie, a couple of Bell UH-1 Hueys fly over the jungle and land on a rooftop to evacuate civilians from the city. There is an Air America helicopter (a Bell 206 JetRanger) hovering in the besieged US embassy grounds.

A medevac Huey, overloaded with passengers, takes off from the rooftop after the helicopter's gunman shoots a desperate and violent civilian. The featured helicopter is a Huey in camouflage paint. This gunship flies above jungle scenes during the hero's secret mission, and later fires rockets at a truck load of refugee orphans as the hero drives across a bridge and through the shallows of a river. The truck is destroyed but the Asian kids escape, led by the lone hero.
Braddock: MIA 3 helicopter

fake Hind in MIA 3 movie
modified S-62 as Hind gunship

A fake Russian Mil Mi-24 Hind is featured. This is actually an old 1960s' Sikorsky S-62 with dummy engines added to the sides and fake wings bolted on. Not as good a job as Rambo, but then again I'm sure they had a much smaller budget. - NATHAN DECKER

Hind gunship in Braddock: MIA 3
Missing In Action 3

While crossing a girder bridge at the border checkpoint, a Mi-24 Hind (actually a modified Sikorsky S-62) is poised for its slow-motion hovering sequence to menace the injured hero below, but a US army Huey with a bogus gunship (a slightly customised Sikorsky S-76A) both appear as bluffing support for the hero, who recovers from his wounds to shoot down his enemy's Hind helicopter, for a crash 'n' burn stunt with effective miniature special effects.

In a final aerial sequence, the Huey and its gunship escort hover above the bridge as the credits roll. Reportedly, the altered S-76A crashed during the production of this movie and killed four people.
S-76 in MIA 3