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police helicopter in Biggles
Bell 206 in Biggles

Biggles: Adventures In Time (1986) - a British flying ace (Neil Dickson) and his heroic chums spread havoc among German troops when a helicopter travels back in time to overfly the WW1 trenches.

A police Bell 206 JetRanger, fitted with a surveillance-camera pod, chases two time-travelling protagonists in modern day London.
Biggles helicopter

JetRanger in Biggles
stunt flying in Biggles

Our heroes steal the chopper, and travel back in it through time to the battlefields of the First World War.
helicopter time-travel in Biggles

Biggles helicopter in WW1

After using the helicopter to help them destroy the Germans' secret 'sound weapon', the pilot performs some celebratory flying over the British trenches.

[Thanks to Hegyi Istvan for these pictures.]
1st World War helicopter in Biggles