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Big Game (2015) - this action movie features a Bell 407 used as safari transport in Finland. The helicopter flies some hunters into the mountains where it is hijacked by passengers who are terrorists posing as tourists.
Bell 407 in Big Game

After the bad guys launch rockets against Air Force One, three Chinooks are seen flying a SEAL team on their failed mission to locate and rescue the US president (Samuel L. Jackson).
safari copter in Big Game

The villains use their blue 407 to search for POTUS and his local sidekick, a 13-year-old boy. When they capture the president, the baddies shut him in an old chest freezer and haul their captive as a sling load under the helicopter but, with the kid's help, the American escapes.

When they find the crashed plane, mostly submerged in a lake, the terrorists' leader slides down a rope from the low-hovering copter, and he blows a hole in the big jet.

There's a fun but ultimately derivative and Ramboesque scene, when the archer boy shoots an arrow that, indirectly, downs the helicopter - before a time bomb destroys the sunken plane.

In the finale, there are spectacular CGI shots of a sky full of Chinook transports.
helicopter stunt in Big Game

copter hijinks in Big Game

Chinooks in Big Game

Big Gamer poster
Despite this movie's overblown finale, the poster artwork does accurately reflect the large number of helicopters on screen, even if they only appear just after the climactic sequence.