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helicopters in Bats: Human Harvest

Bats: Human Harvest (2007) - a few military helicopters appear in CGI sequences for this follow-up movie.

Poor storytelling techniques and shoddy continuity spoils all potential for any effective action scenes in this low-budget production that has almost random use of helicopters on-screen.

Two Black Hawk transports fly over the Delta force camp near a Chechen forest, and one helicopter lands, bringing new team leaders for a special ops mission.
Black Hawk in Bats: Human Harvest

in Bats: Human Harvest

in Bats: Human Harvest
A Black Hawk flight takes off at dawn, carrying US troops into the supposedly 'haunted' forest.

Note: lens flare, an artist's conceit - intended to make computer-animation of the helicopter seem convincingly realistic.

in Bats: Human Harvest
in Bats: Human Harvest

The Sikorsky S-70 helicopter design appears here in grey colours, like the MH-60 Seahawk, not the drab green of US army Black Hawks that would most likely be used by Delta force.

In the action sequence, soldiers climb down ropes to the ground from their low-hovering helicopter.

At an unidentified military base, two Mil Mi-8 Hip transports are seen parked outside an aircraft hanger. This is merely an example of CGI helicopters being used as exterior 'furniture' on the background.

Soon after, there's a pair Hip gunships ready for flight from the airfield.

Then we see three helicopters in flight over the forest.
in Bats: Human Harvest

helicopter furniture in Bats: Human Harvest

Hip gunships in Bats: Human Harvest
Hip helicopters in Bats: Human Harvest

For some inexplicable reason, the Delta troops have a Hip helicopter (and it's not even a gunship version) as their getaway vehicle.

In one pointless spectacle, a Dauphin type helicopter (identifiable by its fenestron/ fan-tail rotor) is attacked by bats, so it crashes and explodes.

While the heroes' Hip transport is in flight, two Hip gunships fly overhead, reminding us that Russian and American troops are both using the same type of helicopter and, with no explanation given, this just adds further confusion to the movie's already weak storyline.

Hip transport in Bats: Human Harvest

The Hip transport being used for extraction flight by Delta force lands outside the abandoned buildings.

One of the Russian troops' Hip gunships fires at a soldier on the ground. It drifts away, and then returns to its shooting position, but still fails to hit its target.

This whole movie is particularly sad example of what goes wrong with many new action movies using budget CGI for helicopter scenes.
Hip gunship in Bats: Human Harvest