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Huey and Cobra in Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles (2011) - this film's teaser prologue has US marines in a dozen Sea Knights flying into the L.A. war zone, setting out its CGI credibility with a mix of real and virtual helicopters. Like a cheap TV movie, it begins with some dramatic action, but soon goes into a flashback mode of '24 hours earlier'...

There's a Huey plus a Cobra gunship parked on the military airfield, while 'meteors' fall into the ocean off California's coastline. Next, a squadron of Boeing CH-46 Sea Knights (featured so heavily in this sci-fi blockbuster, it plays like a manufacturer's advert!) carry troops mobilised from Camp Pendleton, and there are widescreen views of several helicopters above coastal disaster area, Hollywood style, before landing at Santa Monica airport, where an Osprey stands ready for use outside the hanger, and Cobras patrol overhead.
Sea Knights in Battle: Los Angeles

featured helicopter, Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight in Battle: Los Angeles

Sea Knights crossover shoreline in Battle: Los Angeles
military helicopters over city in Battle: Los Angeles

At the west L.A. police station, a plan to medevac a wounded serviceman on a Huey fails when the chopper is blown up in midair by the invaders' aircraft for spectacular crash 'n' burn effects. As marines attempt escort of civilians to safety on bus, wreckage of an unknown copter with its door torn off is seen on ground, crashed through a wall near the freeway.

Huey in daylight ops for Battle: Los Angeles
Huey night flight in Battle: Los Angeles

Later, the rescue Huey picks up survivors when military decide to abandon the city, but the Huey hovers "at 40 feet for 20 seconds" while heroic marines descend on ropes to streets below.

The tail end of a crashed Sea Knight protrudes from one ruined building in scenes of urban devastation. Finally, after the climactic gun battle and the successful missile strike on an enemy control centre, about 10 Hueys get airborne to go flying back into L.A. (perhaps in hope of a sequel?).

Sea Knights landing in Battle: Los Angeles