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2-faced helicopter
it's a sign in Batman Forever

Batman Forever (1995) - this superhero sequel has bank-robbing villain Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) using a Sikorsky S-62 to haul away the vault, but heroic Batman (Val Kilmer) promptly escapes from captivity and returns the heavy swag to its rightful place back inside the building.

With the hero still hanging on a chain-tether, the helicopter flies through a glass billboard display, and Batman uses his cape to shroud the cockpit so the pilot is flying blind, causing the almost cartoon-styled model S-62 to crash into Gotham City's version of the Statue of Liberty, where rotors blades hack into the head and the chopper explodes on impact.
[Thanks to Bill Hiers for notes and screen shots.]

smashing time for Batman

blinded by Batman
Liberty crash in Batman Forever