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Bad Boys II (2003) - "Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer team up again for another feelgood action flick with the best looking rotary action this side of Black Hawk Down.

Some of the highlights include a three-helicopter speedboat chase with two US Coast Guard MH-68 Stingray choppers (customised versions of the Agusta A109 Power), or USCG HH-65A Dolphin (?) - from the HITRON-10 squadron (Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron 10) and a more civilised police model (an Aerospatiale AS-355E Twin Star).

When the speedboat passes a bridge, the helicopter pilots must decide quickly whether they want to go over or under the bridge. Another commendable sequence involves our team of semi-rogue DEA agents and Miami cops rappelling out of a Coast Guard HH-60J Jayhawk onto a barge on their way to Cuba for the final action sequence which, unfortunately, does not involve any helicopters." - WINNIE LEUNG / TODD GOETZ / IAN VINCENT FRAIN
Bad Boys II

Overall, I think Bad Boys II is a pretty dreadful movie - with an insipid script and risible comedy from shallow 'characters' in an utterly predictable plot - but it does nonetheless serve viewers as a blockbuster action flick, with plenty of spectacular destruction (the road bridge chase tries to outdo The Matrix Reloaded for vehicular carnage), and the rotorcraft are filmed in the director's usual techno-fetishistic manner. It's a shame all these helicopters don't actually do very much, or contribute to the story, but they perform aerial eye-candy duties well.
Coast Guard helicopters showcase in Bad Boys 2

Coast Guard 'Dolphins' in Bad Boys 2
Dolphins followed by Spacecam helicopter

BAD BOYS II Aerial Co-ordinator: Alan Purwin.

Thanks to Motion Picture Pilots Association for use of these behind-the-scenes pictures.