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The Avengers helicopter
Brantly helicopter in The Avengers

Alouette in The Avengers
The Avengers (1961-9) - this TV spy-fi adventure show, about British agent John Steed, featured helicopters in several later episodes.

In season four, What The Butler Saw has a Brantly B-2B that flies an RAF chap to a country estate. In season six episode Murdersville, there's a Sud Aviation SE-3130 Alouette II.

In the final season's episode, Split!, there is a Hughes 269B in an early scene.

The same helicopter also shows up in the first sequence of Super Secret Cypher Snatch, where it hovers above two men who are fighting in a field, before it flies away when the winner of a shoot-out fires his revolver at the chopper.
Murdersville, The Avengers

Split! episode in The Avengers
Super Secret Cypher Snatch in The Avengers

Killer episode The Avengers
The Interrogators in The Avengers

The Avengers TV - Brantly helicopter
Noon Doomsday has a villain escaping from prison via helicopter (the 269B, again), and arriving at the secret convalescence hospital to assassinate hero Steed.

The episode titled Killer, sees the production's usual Hughes used to transport corpses, and the chopper drops one body into a graveyard.

Finally, The Interrogators features a Brantly B2B, with Steed as passenger, using the helicopter to follow a homing pigeon back to the villain's hideout.