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military helicopter in Arrow
Arrow (2012-) - based upon DC comics' superhero character Green Arrow, this TV action series about urban vigilantes features only occasional use of helicopters.

1st season episode Dead To Rights begins with a Eurocopter 355 TwinStar landing on a rooftop helipad at night in the city.

The Undertaking sees an air ambulance (a Eurocopter EC-145) landing on rooftop helipad of the city hospital block.

During the earthquake scenes of season finale Sacrifice, there's a Sikorsky S-70 flying low over city streets as buildings collapse.

In season two's episode, Suicide Squad, there are CGI Black Hawks hovering above a rooftop in an establishing shot of the A.R.G.U.S. building.

Streets Of Fire has Hueys escorting ground troops onto bridges to secure the besieged city at night.

Unthinkable features a special ops Pave Hawk that fires a rocket into the clocktower to stop bad guys from chasing the heroes.

Season three's episode Midnight City features CGI action with a corporate Bell 206, borrowed by the heroes to fly across the city at night on a rescue mission. After the fight, heroine Black Canary jumps through a window and grabs a rope ladder dangling from the hovering JetRanger so that she can escape from the bad guys.

Nanda Parbat has an MD 902 Explorer NOTAR helicopter that is parked on the airfield concrete during a fight sequence, and then the helicopter takes off with a prisoner aboard.

In the episode Public Enemy, there's a police helicopter (CGI only) deployed to support cops trying to arrest our hero.

A Hong Kong flashback scene in episode Al Sah-Him features a pair of Black Hawk transports flying over the city, and Sikorsky MH-60 helicopters also appear in This Is Your Sword, as the bio-terrorism attack spreads pandemic across the former colony.
MD Explorer in Arrow

MH-60 helicopters in Arrow

In season four episode Dark Waters, a drone copter (based vaguely upon a Northrop Grumman MQ-8 Fire Scout design) attacks people that are cleaning up the beach in Star City.
drone copter in Arrow

The season's last episode Schism features a couple of Black Hawk transports (obvious CG visuals), taking off during a military agency's evacuation from the remote island.
Black Hawks in Arrow