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Bell 47J Ranger in Arabesque
airborne chase in Arabesque

Arabesque (1966) - during its climactic sequence, the horse-riding stars of this film, Gregory Peck and Sofia Loren, are chased through Welsh countryside in broad daylight by gunmen aboard a menacing red helicopter (a Bell 47J Ranger), which flies around the Crumlin viaduct. Shortly after filming, this actual structure, in Caerphilly, was demolished.

helicopter circles viaduct in Arabesque
ladder stunt in Arabesque

Pursued onto the bridge, our heroes become stuck halfway across, pinned down by shooting from the villains, until the action sequence ends when the Ranger flies beneath the overpass and Peck drops a wooden ladder into the main rotors, causing the damaged helicopter to spin and fall into the river, where it promptly explodes (the crash is an obvious combination of a miniature and physical effects work).
[Thanks to J.C. Hartley for the donation of this DVD.]