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helicopter stunt in American Ninja
American Ninja helicopter

MBB Bo-105 in American Ninja
American Ninja (1985) - in this typical B-movie produced by Cannon, there's an exploding helicopter stunt.

An MBB Bo-105 appears in the final showdown.

The main bad guy takes the hero's girlfriend hostage and tries to flee with her in the helicopter.

The hero manages to get on board the departing Bolkow and, after some fighting, he frees his girlfriend and they jump to safety on a roof-top.

The hero's army buddy then fires a missile to destroy the helicopter. - HEGYI ISTVAN

low-flying helicopter in American Ninja

model helicopter in American Ninja
exploding helicopter in American Ninja

American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (1990) - this sequel movie also features an MBB Bo-105 helicopter.
Bolkow helicopter in American Ninja 4