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A-Star in Alias episode Breaking Point
Alias (2001-6) - this TV action series stars Jennifer Garner as a glamorous spy. In the 3rd season episode, Succession, CGI work in the Berlin kidnap sequence features a sky-crane helicopter (modelled after the Sikorsky S-64) that's used to haul an elevator car from the top of a lift shaft and fly away with it as payload.

Later, a Delta Force ambush during the CIA hostage exchange uses a Eurocopter AS-350, but this chopper is damaged by gunfire from the ground. In episode Breaking Point, a rogue CIA squad have an AS350 to help rescue our heroine from a military prison camp.

Legacy has yet another Eurocopter A-Star, but this one is supposedly with "whisper mode" for stealthy approach during a mission in Japan, where the airborne assault team drop to the ground on ropes.

Season four (2005) episode, Index, features a 1988 model Aerospatiale AS 350-B1 Ecureuil, used to enable the heroine (Jennifer Garner) to escape from custody of French police after her mission in Paris. She jumps off a rooftop and grabs onto the helicopter's landing skids.
AS-350 helicopter stunt in Alias

In later episode, The Road Home, a flying model UAV assault chopper with a "biometric targeting system" pursues the heroine through a warehouse.

That particular helicopter was a 3D model built to match the practical model used on the set. The practical model was a modified r/c Raptor. The digital one was obviously built to match. - A.J. KING
UAV in Alias episode The Road Home

A-Star in Alias episode SOS
The final season's opener Prophet Five has a Eurocopter AS350 medevac used by bad guys to kidnap agent Vaughan (Michael Vartan). Episode Solo also features a black AS350 chopper providing machine-gun covering fire during the rescue of agent Rachel (blonde Rachel Nichols) from an enemy-controlled oil-rig platform.

SOS has two black AS350 helicopters carrying CIA rescue teams to an oil tanker in Atlantic.

Maternal Instinct sees a Bell 206 JetRanger called in for airborne escape vehicle after the heroes' rob a bank in Vancouver, but the villains use a rocket grenade to destroy this helicopter.