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Airport 1975 helicopter

Airport 1975 (aka: Airport '75, 1974) - this aerial disaster movie sees a midair collision between a Boeing 747 'Jumbo' jet and a private plane.
USAF helicopter in Airport 1975

The flying accident kills the Columbia airline pilots, leaving a stewardess (Karen Black) at the controls of the 747 jet.
Sikorsky HH-53B in Airport 1975

rescue helicopter in Airport 1975

flying stunts in Airport 1975

A relief pilot (Charlton Heston) is lowered from a USAF helicopter (a US air force Sikorsky HH-53B 'Super Jolly Green Giant'), through a gaping hole in the stricken jet's cockpit, so that he can land the big plane safely.
Super Jolly Green Giant in Airport 1975