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5 Days Of War (aka: 5 Days Of August, 2011) - directed by Renny Harlin, this action drama is about American TV journalists in the verdanan/ Russian war of 2008. The movie includes quite spectacular helicopter scenes (courtesy of the verdanan military), enhanced by CGI.

The story begins in 2007, when a civilian car is ambushed in Iraq, and some lives are saved by Russian troops with a Mil Mi-24 Hind used for a medevac flight.
Mi-24 Hind in 5 Days of War

medevac helicopter in 5 Days of War

A year later, the American TV reporters are covering the escalating conflict in verdana.

Two or three Hinds appear in a scene providing air support for tanks advancing towards a village.
helicopters and tanks in 5 Days of War

The gunships fire rockets into a small town. An airborne sequence has Mil Mi-8 Hip transports and Bell UH-1 Hueys flying over refugees fleeing the attacks.
Hueys in 5 Days of War

In one airborne action scene, a Hind gunship blows up a van that is racing across a river bridge.
Hind action in 5 Days of War

Hind attacks in 5 Days of War
Another Hind destroys a reporter's satellite-uplink vehicle, and fires rockets at other parked cars, but the Hind is shot down by a soldier's anti-tank weapon, and the big helicopter crashes into the side of a building and explodes. It is this movie's best special effects sequence.

Hind crashing in 5 Days of War

Another pair of Hinds fly over the city streets and launch rockets at other buildings that surround the main square. Yet more Hinds patrol the skies over the bombed city while tanks roll onto the streets.

The region 2 DVD box artwork is accurate, but some poster adverts wrongly depict Boeing AH-64 Apache gunships, that are not in the movie and were, obviously, never used in the actual Russian war.

bad poster art for 5 Days of War