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24 (2001-10) - this popular American TV drama, stars Kiefer Sutherland as undercover federal agent Jack Bauer, and the series features many different helicopters in urban sequences where the screen action happens in real time, so 24 episodes per season equals one day in Jack's eventful life.

In the debut season, heroic Jack is working for a CTU (Counter-Terrorist Unit) in Los Angeles, and he uses an AS-350B A-Star helicopter for transport during episode six. Later episodes showcase daylight aerial scenes with a Bell 47J Ranger, and a Bell 204-B Huey.
A-Star in TV series 24

Bell 47J in 24
Bell 204 in 24

AS-350 in 24 season 1
Season one also features a Bell 205 at dusk, and night scenes with a Eurocopter AS-350B2 Ecureuil.

Season three (2003) - a high-security prison breakout enabled by a hijacked SWAT helicopter - which is pursued by USAF gunships across downtown L.A, narrowly avoids being shot down over the city, then lands to block traffic at a busy intersection... and a shootout in Mexico between a drug baron's henchmen and airborne Delta Force teams who blow up the bad guys' off-road vehicle with rockets fired by their US Army chopper.

Later on, a spectacular helicopter attack on a hi-rise M.I.6 office block destroys most of the floor where our hero (Sutherland) and his partner are keeping a female witness... while in the show's climactic chase sequence, the villain's getaway via helicopter is stopped when the hero calls up an air strike and, just as the chopper lands on the concrete of L.A's dry riverbed, it's hit by a missile from an F-16 jet fighter and promptly explodes before the bad guy escapes. Although spread over 1,000+ minutes (24 x 42-minute episodes) of TV or DVD viewing, this is, all told, a superb batch of 'rotary action' moments to savour.

Season four (2004-5) - during our action man's rescue of the Secretary of Defence from kidnappers in episode six, a squad of airborne US Marines drop on ropes from Huey transports as the main force of an assault led by a couple of Bell AH-1W Super Cobra gunships (courtesy, U.S.M.C. Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 775).

In the climax of episode eight, superhero Jack prevents a fleeing bad guy from hijacking a Eurocopter AS 350. A low-flying Bell JetRanger in the Mojave Desert, is used to stop, and over-turn, a terrorist's jeep during a chase sequence in the after-midnight episode. For the penultimate episode of this season, the heroes use a Bell 212 to carry a team of federal agents across L.A, hot on the trail of a suspected terrorist.
JetRanger parked on rooftop in 24 season 4

Season five (2006) - hero Jack hijacks and pilots a Eurocopter AS-350 for his trip into Los Angeles. The Russian leader arrives courtesy of a presidential transport (Sikorsky VH-3D) helicopter. CTU security agents have a blue and a black 206 JetRanger chopper for use by their rapid response teams. In the afternoon sequence, Jack's shootout with airborne gunmen (in an Aerospatiale AS350 B2 Ecureuil) sees the bad guys' helicopter damaged and leaving the scene while trailing smoke, but this Ecureuil lands safely (off screen) and is reported disabled.

After the terrorists attack a Secret Service limousine motorcade, a US Navy SH-60B (Sikorsky S-70A) Seahawk flies the First Lady and the Russian visitors to safety. Later, the heroes use an AS-350 to drop a tactical squad, via ropes, at the gas-pumping station. One of the villains (Peter Weller) has an Aerospatiale AS355 F2 for transport to Van Nuys airport.

Finally, there's a Seahawk used to fly the president from his retreat to the airport, but rogue hero Jack manages to sneak onboard as a substitute pilot and then hijack this military helicopter, before he tricks the corrupt president into a confession.

The featured helicopter that picks up the First Lady is an SH-60F from HS-8. I know one of the pilots that flew for that scene. His buddies subsequently changed his call sign to 'Hollywood'. - JONATHON LANCE

behind the scenes on 24 season 6
Jack's regular JetRanger in 24

Season six (2006) - in what appears to be stock footage, or straightforward matching of second-unit visual with the main action, one episode of this TV action features a pair of Bell AH-1 Cobra gunships used to bomb a suspected terrorist's house in Los Angeles. After the first nuke, our hero Jack Bauer (Sutherland) rescues one man from a Bell 206 JetRanger that's crashed on a house, and this helicopter wreckage soon falls off the roof and explodes on contact with the ground.

helicopter crash in 24
Bell 206 down in 24

Fearless protagonist Jack calls authorities for another helicopter to pick him up and, when he's airborne later, gets into pursuit of the bad guy's Maserati sports-car, which finally ends when Jack's pilot lands the JetRanger atop some parked lorries.

Later, CTU orders federal agents on three helicopters to the scene of a hostage trade but just a single chopper appears on screen, and that aircraft is shot down by a terrorist's rocket.

During the closing episodes, the heroes use an A-Star to fly along the coast just above the waves for yet another hostage exchange, and then the helicopter is used in a tactical assault on an offshore oil platform.

Season seven (2009) - there's frequent use of a Eurocopter AS-350B as FBI transport here. It first appears in episode two, during a scene at the docks, and is used to fly a prisoner back to federal offices.

There's a night flight across the city from the White House to an FBI centre in Washington D.C.

The villains also use an A-Star as a flying crane to airlift the bio-weapons rig from a shipping container after they intercept a lorry driven by the hero.

When FBI agents, plus a US Navy SEAL team, raid a private army's base in Virginia, they use a Huey and two Sikorsky MH-60B Seahawk transports, but cops and troops are turned away when their search for terrorist weaponry fails.

An FBI helicopter (a Bell 206 JetRanger) pursues one escaping backpack-bomber terrorist, after the big raid on an enemy base.

The heroes also use their AS-350B, for air support, during searches for another killer inside a cordoned area, and the A-Star is on patrol to provide air cover for a prisoner-transport convoy.

Finally, the heroine brings FBI and SWAT troops in that ever-popular A-Star to a warehouse for a final confrontation with the criminal mastermind.
behind-the-scenes on 24 season 7

Apache interceptor in 24 season 8
Jack pilots A-Star in 24

Season eight (2010) - this final run of the series is set in New York, and there's an AS-350 A-Star flight across Manhattan to pick-up an informant, but when the helicopter lands on a rooftop, it is blown up by a missile fired from a nearby building. Another Eurocopter A-Star brings an ex-FBI agent to CTU helipad in NYC. This helicopter flies a tactical team across the city to a lorry freight weigh-station.

Later, an NYPD A-Star takes off from the east river dockside. During episodes of night scenes, helicopters perform aerial search for a terrorist's zodiac boat. Rogue hero Jack hi-jacks the CTU A-Star to escape from custody, flying in daylight over Manhattan, where (in a good CGI aerial sequence) he's intercepted by USAF Apache gunships and forced to land.

farewell flight in A-Star

24: Live Another Day (2014) - this revival of the TV series has only 12 episodes.

In episode eight, there's a Eurocopter EC-155 B1 parked at Battersea heliport, from where our hero pilots a Eurocopter AS-355 F2 TwinStar, on a night flight (with the US president) across London to Wembley stadium. The helicopter lands in the car park.
Eurocopter EC-155 in 24: Live Another Day

AS-355 TwinStar in 24: Live Another Day

During the next episode, Jack flies the TwinStar from the Wembley car park to an office building in Hackney, and lands on a the roof-top. The helicopter is then used to transport a hi-tech gadget back to a CIA station in London.
helicopter at Wembley in 24: Live Another Day

In the final episode's morning scenes, there is an Agusta-Westland AW-109E Power that lands near an abandoned building outside London.
AW-109 Power in 24: Live Another Day

Jack arrives in a car to exchange himself for a hostage, and our hero leaves the city in the helicopter with some Russians.
Agusta-Westland helicopter in 24: Live Another Day