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Hughes 500C in 240-Robert

240-Robert (1979/ 1981) - this American TV action series, about an emergency services team in Los Angeles, co-starred Joanna Cassidy (who learned to fly during this show) as the county sheriff's helicopter pilot, Deputy Morgan Wainwright, flying a Hughes 500C (396HS). The show also featured a Sikorsky S-58 'Choctaw' as another sheriff's department helicopter.

The first season comprised 13 episodes, including a 90-minute pilot. Only three episodes for a second series were produced in 1981, and the revised cast included Pamela Hensley as the new chopper pilot, Deputy Sandy Harper. The regular stunt pilot on this TV series was Charles 'Chuck' Tamburro.
Joanna Cassidy in 240-Robert

500C and divers in 240-Robert
stretcher case in 240-Robert
helicopter hoist in 240-Robert

Sikorsky S-58 helicopter in 240-Robert

N506WW in 240-Robert
240-Robert logo

After the TV show was cancelled, the Hughes 500C (N506WW) was, reportedly, wrecked by a crash landing in October 1988.

240-Robert on VHS
240-Robert artwork

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